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Everyday Candy Wafers - Multiple Flavors and Colors - 12 oz Bag

Everyday Candy Wafers - Multiple Flavors and Colors - 12 oz Bag

Color/Flavor:Site PriceQty
Milk Chocolate Flavored$3.29
Dark Chocolate Flavored$3.29
White Vanilla$3.29
Bright White Vanilla$3.49
Pink Vanilla$3.29
Yellow Vanilla$3.29
Orange Vanilla$3.29
Light Blue Vanilla$3.29
Dark Blue Vanilla$3.29
Light Green Vanilla$3.29
Dark Green Vanilla$3.29
Red Vanilla$3.29
Purple Vanilla$3.29

  • Collection: Everyday Candy Wafers
  • Weight: 12 oz Bag

Let our Candy Wafers be your candy melts of choice!

Make'n Mold® Candy Wafers unlock a rainbow of creamy candy possibilities for the home candy maker. Our line of delicious candy wafers provide a rich palette of colors for your candy making adventures.

The holidays are a perfect time for sweet treats that provide a burst of vibrant color along with their great vanilla taste. Everyone’s favorite holiday colors are included in this brilliant collection of colored candy wafers, from deep icy blues to snowy pastels, traditional red and green and more!

Melt these wafers to create creamy candy lollipops. These candy wafers work great with our Make'n Mold® collection of candy molds. You can also dip marshmallows, fruits, pretzels and more for a smooth candy coating finish. Treat your friends and family to a uniquely colorful treat and unleash the candy making artist in you with Make'n Mold® Candy Wafers.

Maken'n Mold® Candy Wafers are gluten-free.

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